A Twist of Rapunzel Blog Tour - Two Exciting Twists on One Classic Story

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Diamond leads a quiet life with the woman she calls Mother. There isn’t much to pass the time save for excursions in the forest and one-sided conversations with her pet rabbit, Hobie. Men are cruel beings who care only for themselves and must be avoided at any cost. After all, Diamond’s own father gambled her away once. What other terrible fates might await her if people knew she existed?  

 Seth Stendahl is an alchemist with a middling proficiency in the Rohesian tongue. After growing up with and surviving six sisters, there shouldn’t be anything too difficult for him to master – except maybe breaking his leg and being locked in the top of a ruined watchtower.   

This is Rapunzel with a twist like you’ve never seen it before.

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The day she was born, her kingdom fell, and so she was branded the daughter of blood and misfortune and locked away. Now a dragon plagues the land and her curse may be the only thing that stops it. 

But is she really cursed?

May 13 
Kendra E. Ardnek – Five Reasons to Read Misfortune 
Kirsten Fichter – Diamond: The First Chapter 
Madi’s Musings – Misfortune 
Reality Reflected – Diamond 

May 14 
Kendra E. Ardnek – Five Reasons to Read Diamond 
Live. Love. Read – Diamond 
Tangled Up in Writing – Misfortune 
C.O. Bonham – Misfortune 

May 15 
Kirsten Fichter – The Girl Named Diamond 
Live. Love. Read – Kendra 
Rambling Rose – Misha 
Light and Shadows – Misfortune 
Madi’s Musings – Diamond 

May 16 
Kendra E. Ardnek – Top 10 Rapunzel Retellings. 
Dreams and Dragons – The Daughter of Blood and Misfortune 
Rambling Rose – Kendra 
Live. Love. Read – Diamond 

May 17 
Kendra E. Ardnek - Rapunzel and the Story of Daniel
Kirsten Fichter – Five Reasons to Read Misfortune
Books, Life, and Christ – Kirsten Fichter 
Live. Love. Read – Misfortune 

May 18 
Kirsten Fichter – Seth Stendahl and his Alchemy 
Reality Reflected – Delshad 
Morgan Elizabeth Huneke – Misfortune 
Fairy Dust on My Pen – Diamond 
C.O. Bonham – Diamond 

May 19 
Kendra E. Ardnek – Special Announcement 
Kirsten Fichter – Easter Eggs in Diamond 
Dreams and Dragons – Kirsten Fichter 
Books, Life, and Christ – Kendra E. Ardnek 
World of Chronicles – Diamond


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