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About Kendra E. Ardnek

At one time, Kendra tried to inventory her giraffe collection. She wrote down three in a notebook and got distracted by glitter. As a result, she has no idea how many giraffes she has in her room, but reckons that the number is close to a hundred.

When she's not out in the wild, hunting for giraffes, Kendra can be found in her writing cave, pounding out stories on her computer. She has eight books published, all fantasy - from epic portal fantasies to contemporary allegories to magical fairy tale retellings. A homeschool graduate, she lives in the Piney Woods of East Texas with her parent and three younger siblings. And her honor guard of nearly forty nutcrackers, one of whom will come to life and marry her one day.

Oh, and "Ardnek" is just a penname. She was sixteen when she published her first book, and wanted to be cool. Her real name is Kendra E. Roden.

She blogs about her writing (and interviews authors!) at Knitted by God's Plan, and she reviews Indie Books at O.Scarlett Reviews.

You can find her statement of beliefs here.


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