GiraffeCrafts Content Policy.

First of all, this is a Christian company. That said, I do not require that a book be author or book be Christian for us to promote them, provided that you comply with the guidelines below:

(Please keep in mind that I'm not saying that you can't write this, but I believe in promoting books that I enjoy, and I do not enjoy most books that do not comply with what is below. Also, I have to keep in mind my audience. Some are even stricter than I am. I have made a promise to them to provide them quality fiction.

I'm just as interested in providing YOU with YOUR ideal audience, and if your book does not comply with the below, then we are not your audience. You are still free to message me and ask for my advice, though! I can't make promises, but I shall endeavor to advise you in finding your audience.)

1. No erotica or sex scenes. The seventh commandment should be respected. I don't mind some hand-holding and kissing in a romance - my own love language is touch, so for me, to have a romance be void of touch just feels off - but I want the focus to be on the relationship. Also, going overboard on sexual innuendo, even if nothing ever happens, will make me hesitant, because I have to place a warning on your book if it contains references to what goes on in the bedroom. If the warning overshadows the praise I have to offer your book, then I can't promote it.

2. Little to no language. I have sensitive ears, and even "Golly" disturbs me. I'll tolerate a few minor expletives - though I will be putting a warning on it when I promote - but too much, or too strong, and no. (I once put down a book for WTF. So, yes. I'm fairly strict on this one). Who uses the language and the context is an influence on how much I will let squeak by.

3. No occult magic. I'm fine with light fantasy magic - I'm a huge fan of Narnia - but I don't want to read about demons and Satanic worship. If you're writing about this from a Christian perspective ... I'm iffy on it. I'll have to read it for myself and decide. Do note - the further a book is from our world, the less strict I am on this.

4. No Horror or undue violence. I don't mind a bit of violence if it's necessary to tell your story, but I don't want it just for the sake of violence. Also, no gore. Keep the description of your gunshot wounds to a minimum. Also, keep drug and alcohol use down to a minimum - none if possible.

5. Do not mock my God or my faith. I believe what I do for a reason. If you attack that, I will put down your book. I respect what you write and believe. I ask that you do the same.

6. No books that are political or social agenda pushers. I don't want to take sides, so if your book is an obvious critique of the current president, I don't want it. No LGBT or radical feminism either. I'm not saying that you can't write this, I'm saying that I don't want to take sides. Also, my audience doesn't enjoy this sort of fiction, so I don't want to get into that. (That said, I do love political intrigue and strong females. I just want to see a book with ALL sides to an argument so that readers can make their own decisions, and not have one agenda shoved down their throats.) My audience is largely very Conservative Christians, and promoting this sort of thing to them will (1) result in bad reviews for you and (2) cause them to lose faith in me.

This said, even if your book doesn't conform 100%, or if you know that it's very close to the line, I still welcome you to contact me and ask. I'd rather you be upfront with how your book steps over the line than for you to try to sneak the book through. You will find that I may be willing to help promote it if I know where it steps over the line and can thus warn my readers, especially if your book has a good reason for stepping over the line.

For the most part, though, I'd prefer to promote books that I wouldn't panic too much if my 7-year-old sister found my kindle and decided to read.

When it comes to the covers of the books that I share, I have a few more standards:

1. Characters must be modest. I'm not saying that every inch of their skin has to be covered, but I don't want a shirtless dude and girl who looks like she's about to have a clothing malfunction. BARE SKIN SHOULD NOT BE THE FIRST THING I FOCUS ON WHEN I SEE YOUR COVER. (Unless said skin is the skin on your hand. Hands are fine) We aren't the audience you're looking for if that's how you choose to promote.

2. No obvious or excess gore. No obvious occult symbology.

3. It must look professional. I'm not asking for perfection here, but a cover needs to be aesthetically pleasing. The title (and preferably your name) should be legible in thumbnail form. Art and fonts need to be genre appropriate.

If you're not sure if your book fits these criteria, feel free to contact me and ask, but, basically, even though this site is not marketed TO children, I don't want to feel like I have to click away if my younger brother steps behind me.

Also, I have a commitment to quality writing on this blog. I also do not like the following:

1. Consistent bad grammar. An odd typo here and there is one thing - those get through even on traditional books. But too much, and it disrupts the reading experience.

2. Books that are just thinly-veiled sermons and soapbox platforms to preach. Yes, a book should have a good message, but if the characters are only there to show that message, it annoys me. A well-written book should tell its message naturally, and not ram-rod it down a reader's throat. It should also show multiple sides to an issue and allow readers to come to their own conclusions.


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