Golden Braids - Submission Now Closed

First off, what is the Golden Braids Collection?
You possibly already know, but in case you don't, here's the rundown. It's not an anthology. It's not even a series. It's a set of authors who are banding together and publishing their books together at the same time as a means of cross-promotion. And every book will be a retelling of the beloved fairy tale Rapunzel. And your book doesn't actually have to feature a Golden Braid, it merely must be recognizable as Rapunzel.

Is this a contest?
No, it is not really. It is a promotional opportunity with limited slots. I'm more like an agent than a judge.

Okay, so how is that going to work?
Every book in the collection will be a story that was written or worked on as part of the Arista Challenge. Authors interested will send me their stories, and I'll choose 10-15 of them to be released together at the end of November. It will be a five-day event, and I'll assign each author a day when their book will be publ…

Not a Contemporary - The Trouble with Abductions

And today I have the second semi-finalist to share with you guys, this time the not a contemporary. Instead, it's a Medieval Adventure. So, without further ado, The Trouble with Abductions by Olivia Ann.

“It’s hot enough to cook breakfast right here on these stones,” Alejandro grumbled.             “Feel free,” Rhiannon replied, not moving her eyes from the track below their vantage point.  Unnecessary though it was, she couldn’t disagree with her partner’s observation.  Undulating heat – the kind that blurs sky and land into a watery mirage – lay fine upon their isolated surroundings.             The duo was nestled about ten feet above a narrow, little-used path cutting its way determinedly between two slabs of mountain.  Alejandro, as per usual, had found the hiding place: a surprisingly spacious hollow bordered by crags and outcroppings on three sides for a good half-mile each, opportunely blocking them from the view of any traveler who might wander into view.  This was the only …

Not a Historical Fiction - Higher Glyphs

So I just realized that I have not yet shared with you the semi-finalists and winning stories. I'm terribly sorry. I had life overwhelm me, and, coupled with Indie e-Con burn-out, I shut down.

Anywho, I'm getting back on top of things (and will be emailing all of the winners shortly, finally), so let's plunge in.

First off, we have the semi-finalist-by-default Higher Glyphs, which was not a Historical Fiction, but rather sci-fi. It was written by my mother, at the last minute, when she found out that I didn't have any submissions for this prompt. And then she sent me an edited document a few days later with a few edits. The first submission was the one judged, but this is the edited version.

I hope you enjoy!
Higher Glyphs Gabby gazed out into the desert, her eyes fixed on one of the “Great Wonders of the Ancient World” as the tourist guide droned on and on about them.   This man was said to know a great deal about these “Pyramids of Egypt”.   She chuckled, he knew noth…

Magic Mirrors Release - Submission Now Closed

Okay, first off, I would like to apologize for how late this post is. I really meant to have this up on the first - it just didn't happen, for a number of reasons:

1. I underestimated how much burn-out I would suffer after the writer's retreat that I attended at the end of April. I knew I would suffer burn-out after Indie e-Con, so my intention was to get as much done ahead of time ... but thanks to that burn-out, I barely got Indie e-Con going, and now I'm struggling to tie up all of its loose ends.
2. I'm dealing with some stress at home that is moving-related. Also house-hunting related. Basically, we need to change our housing situation, but finances are standing in our way. (I actually almost canceled Indie e-Con due to this stress, but knew that if I skipped the second year, it would be harder for me to follow up in the coming years)
3. I worked extra hours at my day job the week following Indie e-Con to make up for taking the previous week off. Including a fourt…

Indie e-Con 2018 Winners!

Note to self: Add "Prize organizer" to my list of people to recruit next year.

Anywho. I'm here to let all of you know who won what in Indie e-Con this year.

To start off: The Book Awards. As there are a lot of these, and they're all so shiny, I've given them their own page. Go check it out, and congratulate these lovely authors on their hard work!

Now, the writing contest. Go here to find out the lovely winners of that contest - and the lovely prizes that they're getting.  The finalist stories will be posted over the course of next week.

Now, for the rest of the winners:

Most comments Sarah Taleweaver (Savannah Grace held her own for the first day or so, but only Sarah kept it up 'til the end)
Word War  Deborah O'Carroll  (This girl wrote 10,174 words!)
Games:  Erika Mathews (Like, she got every "Guess-and-match" correct, and I selected several of her quotes for Bring your own Book) 
Review Drawing Erika Mathews (She also left twice the rev…
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