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Breaking down Rapunzel

Rapunzel. The one with all the hair.

The best known of Aarne-Thompson-Uther Type 310, The Maiden in a Tower. This iconic story was the second of the Barbie movies, though it took until 2010 for Disney to finally produce the perfect note of Tangled.

It's the tale that we're telling together in The Arista Challenge. So let's break it down, shall we?

Basic Plot: Woman has pregnancy cravings and gets her husband to steal some greens from their (not-so-)friendly neighborhood witch. Witch demands the baby in return.

Witch puts the girl in a tower, names her after the plant that was stolen from her. Girl has LOOOOOONG hair, which the witch uses as a ladder up to the tower room. Girl also has beautiful singing voice.

One day, a prince happens by, hears her singing. Sees her in the window. Falls in love. Can't figure out how to get up there to her. Finds out that her hair is the ladder. Calls it down. She's scared at first, and then she falls in love. They plot to make thei…

Introducing: The Arista Challenge

Well hello, everyone!

I imagine that most of you know about the Rooglewood Fairy Tale contests, where everyone scrambles to rewrite the same fairy tale in hopes that their story will one of the five selected for the coveted collection Five Something Something. 

I wrote for three of the four collections, CinderEddy for Five Glass Slippers, Poison Kiss for Five Magic Spindles, and The Seven Drawers and Red as Snow for Five Poison Apples. Unfortunately, The Seven Drawers was the only story that I was able to finish in time to send it in (And I'm now waiting with bated breath to find out whether or not I won.)

Unfortunately, Poison Apples was their last contest.

So, we were talking in the Facebook Group about how sad we'd be to lose the community. And I had a thought.

I can't offer a contest, but I can continue the challenge. The picking of a fairy tale and the writing together with fury. I can't offer a single collection with cash prizes, but I can offer a joint release l…
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