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Golden Braids - Submission Now Closed

First off, what is the Golden Braids Collection?
You possibly already know, but in case you don't, here's the rundown. It's not an anthology. It's not even a series. It's a set of authors who are banding together and publishing their books together at the same time as a means of cross-promotion. And every book will be a retelling of the beloved fairy tale Rapunzel. And your book doesn't actually have to feature a Golden Braid, it merely must be recognizable as Rapunzel.

Is this a contest?
No, it is not really. It is a promotional opportunity with limited slots. I'm more like an agent than a judge.

Okay, so how is that going to work?
Every book in the collection will be a story that was written or worked on as part of the Arista Challenge. Authors interested will send me their stories, and I'll choose 10-15 of them to be released together at the end of November. It will be a five-day event, and I'll assign each author a day when their book will be publ…
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