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From the moment Victor Greenwood sets foot in the old farmhouse of Willowmere, Mrs. Whitaker and her family take the friendless drifter under their wings as one of their own. Deeply touched by their kindness, Victor delights them with his stories about the Elven-king Othniel and Jael his queen, forming a special bond with Mrs. Whitaker’s nine-year-old granddaughter, Jane.

But several odd occurrences indicate that Victor is more than he admits to. When the secret of his heritage threatens Jane’s safety, he sets out for the homeland he has long been banished from, to find Jane and return her home.

Unbeknownst to his friends, Victor is doomed to die thirty days after setting foot on his native soil, with only one hope of breaking the curse. But surely thirty days is far too short a time to find True Love...

About the Author
R.R. Goodwill began writing at the age of eight, eventually finding her niche in the fascinating realm of fantasy. Taking inspiration from J.R.R Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Faerie-tales, and folklore, Goodwill uses her God-given talents and active imagination to weave a bit of Truth among her works of fiction.
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Blog Tour Schedule: 

June 30th
Rambling Rose: Long-Awaited Party Business
Live. Love. Read.: Interview - Prince Nácil

July 1st
Rambling Rose: Meet the Author
Reality Reflected: Interview - Jane Foster

July 2nd
Rambling Rose: What's in a Name
Live. Love. Read.: Interview - R.R. Goodwill

July 3rd
Rambling Rose: A Word from my Betas
Reality Reflected: Review

July 4th
Rambling Rose: Interview - Lady Müriel
Knitted By God's Plan: Interview - R.R. Goodwill

July 5th
Rambling Rose: Isn't It Romantic?

July 6th
Rambling Rose: Looking Forward
Dreams and Dragons: Interview - R.R. Goodwill
Knitted by God's Plan: Miss Prescott


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