Indie e-Con 2018 Writing Contest

As this year's e-Con theme is genres, it is appropriate that we focus our contest on genres this year.
So, instead of covers nodding to the publication process, we're doing genre-oriented prompts.

With a twist.

Each of the prompts below have been assigned a genre. HOWEVER, the twist is, you CAN'T write your story in the assigned genre. You have to look beyond the obvious and discover the hidden stories in these prompts.

Submissions are to be sent to Your subject line should be "Your Title" - Not a (the genre that your prompt cannot be written in).
Stories should be attached as a .doc or .docx file. Include your (pen)name, age, and the genre that you chose to write in within the email body.
Stories should be between 1,000 and 5,000 words.
You may submit up to three stories, but each has to be from a unique prompt.
Contest Submission deadline is May 1st.
Winners will be announced on May 29th.

We are still looking for judges for this contest. If you're interested in becoming one, you can fill out this form. Please note that judges cannot enter the contest.

Prizes for the contest are yet to be determined. Please check back on this one.

Not to be written as Contemporary:

Not to be written as Fantasy:

Not to be written as Historical Fiction:

Not to be written as Mystery:

Not to be written as Romance:

Not to be written as Science Fiction:


  1. Ooooh. I'm getting ideas. :D
    Quick question mostly relating to the romance prompt: you say it can't be in the romance genre, but does that mean there can be no romance in it? Or just that romance can't be the primary genre? Because I'm getting Beauty and the Beast retelling vibes from it- probably some kind of urban fantasy thing- and yeah.

    1. Also, do you qualify steampunk as more sci-fi or fantasy? Because it's basically a crossover between those two and historical fiction.

    2. The point of this contest is to look beyond the obvious. It will ultimately be the choice of the judges, but one of the criteria that I will give them is the distance you put between your story and the prompt's genre. Including it as a subplot doesn't distance it by much. Perhaps you could try to make a platonic B&B retelling?

      I classify steampunk as sci-fi stuffed in Historical fiction, with the occasional sprinkling of fantasy. Provided you don't include any magic, I'll let you use the Fantasy prompt, and since steampunk is typically the Victorian era, and my HiFi prompt is not obviously Victorian era, I'll let you use that one too, but not the sci-fi prompt.

    3. Platonic is potentially possible. We shall see where my mind goes. If all else fails, I'll steal the prompt to write a story not for the contest.

      Huh. I actually had an idea for the HiFi prompt already, but making it steampunk could be interesting . . . but the sci-fi prompt was the one I was asking for, because I have a steampunk storyworld (heavy on the fantasy) that the prompt would've fit marvelously in . . . but oh well.

      Thanks for the clarification!

  2. Does the prompt itself have to be the first line of the story?

    1. No. Doesn't even have to be IN the story. I just have to clearly recognize that you used that prompt to baseline your story.


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