Tattered Slippers Blog Tour

Five Reasons to Read:
Knitted by God's Plan
Reality Reflected + Mini Interview!

Five Reasons to Read:
Guest Posts:
Dreams and Dragons: Worn Out Shoes but Not Worn Tales
Rachel Rossano's Words: The Writer Who Pricked Her Finger
Reality Reflected: A Dance through Time
Live. Love. Read. + Mini Interview!

IMPORTANT UPDATE. Due to scheduling issues, the release of this one has been moved to the 31st.  September 1st. Blog posts might still go up on the 27th, however.

Dreams and Dragons: Pros and Cons of Writing in the Jazz Age
Five Reasons to Read:
Light and Shadows
Reality Reflected: Dayo
Guest Posts:
Cobonham: A Day in the Life of Dayo
Rachel Rossano's Words: A Day in the Life of Bastian
Character Spotlights:

Instagram challenge, don't miss out!

As part of the giveaway below, we invite you to spotlight the books on your blogs, newsletters, and Instagram! You can find all the graphics and info you need, right here!
(If your post is fun enough/includes a review, you may get added to the schedule!)
(FYI, while you can only submit one post a day, the giveaway will be open through Monday, so you can use Sunday/Monday for catchup!)

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  1. I signed up for this tour several weeks ago and put in for reviewing all the books. When do I find out if I'm part of the tour and when should I get the review files?

  2. If you're signed up, then you're in, and my plan is release the schedule sometime this week. Review copies will be sent out as they're ready.

  3. Hello there! So, I signed up to review a few books (not as part of the tour) and I was wondering if I should have gotten an email or something? Or should I just assume that the request went through?

    1. I will actually be emailing everyone tomorrow, but you are on my list, so it did go through. Thanks so much!

    2. And, by tomorrow, I actually mean "Saturday Morning." I was trying to get everything sent out today, but I hit a few snags, and I'm not sure how much time I'll have tomorrow.

  4. Great! Thank you so much Kendra!
    (And, by the way, I just finished reading WPFP and LDTD and let me just say - I LOVE THEM!!! Definitely going on my favorites shelf!) Sorry, I know that was a little off topic.

  5. Thanks for the update. I just never trust that stuff goes through the way it should & wanted to check.📚


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