One Week Left!

Hey! Just popping in to remind all of you that, if you're an author looking to join as a guest speaker or a writer planning to submit to the writing contest - both close at the end of the month. Just one week left!

I currently have only one entry for the writing contest. I can't run a contest with just one entry!

Book Awards Nomination will be closing on Thursday, so please, if you published a book last year, enter your book! I have some lovely badges to hand out this year, all shiny and gold! And this applies to authors who aren't in my guest speaker line-up as well as those who are. Your book merely has to meet the GiraffeCrafts Content policy.

Also, to the authors who have signed up as guest speakers - I plan to email all of you tomorrow with further instructions and clarifications for what you signed up to do. I meant to have it earlier this month, but I've been knocked off-kilter with my Dad going to the hospital to get his gallbladder removed. He's recovering, but we'd appreciate prayers. I also distracted myself with a number of writing projects.  But I WILL get the emails out tomorrow. For now, please make sure that you have claimed at least one topic on the topic claim list.

I'm also down to just Kellyn Roth and Ivy Rose to read their books (both with historical romances...). I have hit a bit of a reader's block, but I plan to get through them before the end of the month.

Let me just say - our line-up this year is brilliant. Awesome authors we have, all around. Also, a shockingly high percentage of us like stabbing characters in the stomach. And, yes, I say us. I had a streak of thirteen books where seven of them had a character stabbed/shot/otherwise wounded in the stomach, and the first of those books was mine. I also remember reading a couple stomach stabs in the books by authors who I had already read. (For the record, Katy Huth Jones wins the prize for getting the highest eyebrow raise out of me. I am not sure how Valerian survived that.) Annnnnnnywho.

So excited for Indie e-Con. Cannot wait.


  1. Why are so many writers so intent on stabbing their poor characters in the stomach? It's cruel, it is!

    1. I've done it to three of my characters now and I STILL can't say....

  2. Stab em in the back instead ?
    Or HUG them instead?

  3. Gulp. *raises hand* Didn't realize it was such a popular method of injury...

    In OUR defense, though, I did find in my research that's it's a very common place to be stabbed. And a very convenient one for writers, since just about anything can happen. (I shudder to think how many watchlists I'm probably on because of the research I do for my stories...)

    1. I have done it three times now, so I'm no one to talk. I just ... had seven books, nearly in a row, where it happened.

    2. A month or two ago, I read three random, unrelated books in a row that featured a character with amnesia! ;)


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