Fantasy Show-and-Tell

Fantasy books!

All righty, deep breath. We have a LOT of books to go through today, but, first, I would like to explain the classification: Kingdom vs. Non-magical vs. General. Basically, Kingdom fiction is anything that takes place in another world that still abides by our own world's physics and does not have any fancy creatures or non-humans. Dragons might be accepted depending on the situation, but only if they're not sentient. Non-magical means that there might be elves, sentient dragons, blue trees, etc. that basically makes a bold statement that we're not in earth anymore - as long as there aren't any unusual powers to be had - with the exception of the rare miracle by prophet-characters or Jesus-characters. Any sort of power or physics that get too crazy, and we bump up to general fantasy, even if the powers are within the world's normal parameters or gifts from God.

Make sense? Well, let's power through.



Mild caution for fantasy violence and some stronger romance

Caution for fantasy violence and strong romance.


Mild caution for violence

Caution for some darker themes
Mild caution for violence

Mild caution for violence




Kingdom Fiction:

Caution for adult themes, strong romance, and mild language.


  1. Sarah TaleweaverMay 26, 2018 at 12:29 PM

    SO MANY BOOKS. Almost all of them are on my TBR list if I haven't read them already, though.


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