Indie e-Con 2018 - Day 6 Wrap-up!

Our last day. Our last day is finally at its close. Wow. It has been a week, and I'm ready to curl in a ball and sleep for the next week (though, alas, that won't happen as I have a Real Job that I must return to.) Thank you, everyone, for attending, and a hearty thank you to all of my lovely authors who made this possible. Especially Savannah Jezowski who put together a smashing meet-and-greet and then stepped up and helped keep the FB page running when I was out of it the first few days.

Speaking the Facebook event page, I'm going to be hanging out over there, running word sprints until midnight CST when the Word War closes. Alas and alak. Once that's done, do come back here and post your final word count for the whole week. (I actually would kiiiinda like to see what mine would be if I counted up all of these intros that I've written this month. I'm pretty sure that it's at least a novel's worth.)


Game: Bring Your Own Book
Fantasy Author Panel
Fantasy Show-and-Tell

Epic Fantasy with Jenelle Leanne Schmidt
Urban Fantasy with Kyle Robert Schultz
Portal Fantasy with Morgan Elizabeth Huneke
Children's Fantasy with Kandi J. Wyatt
Kingdom Adventure with Tricia Mingerink
Fantasy Retellings with Laurie Lucking
Non-Magical Retellings with Kendra E. Ardnek
Dragons with Erica Laurie
Worldbuilding with Emily Mundell
Magic with Hope Ann
Christian Themes with Katy Huth Jones

Fantasy Religion with Rachel Rossano
Plotting Kingdom Adventure with Erika Mathews
Retellings with Kyle Robert Schultz
Fight Scenes with Jenelle Leanne Schmidt
Adding Wonder with Laurie Lucking
Faith in Fantasy with Sarah Allerding
Using Cliches with Hope Ann
Writing Fantasy with Kandi J. Wyatt

Yeah, we had a slight bias tilt towards fantasy. I tried so hard to be diverse but ... like attracts like, I guess? Anywho. Lovely authors all.

Now, I repeat, the word war ends at midnight CST, but everything else will remain open until 6PM CST tomorrow.

Don't forget, the person who leaves the most comments across ALL of the Indie e-Con posts will win a special prize package.
If you leave a review on the book of any Indie e-Con author THIS WEEK on your blog or on Goodreads, you can enter it towards another giveaway.
Sharing the posts via social media (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, ect.) gives you a chance to enter for MORE prizes! (Let me spell it out. I have one person with 75 entries. The most anyone else has is 5.)
Don't forget to vote in the Book Awards!

Also, a note on "Indie e-Con Author" for the review. This ONLY applies to the authors who submitted articles and otherwise actively participated in Indie e-Con. I have had a few people ask now, and I've seen a few submissions that I will have to delete - but this does NOT apply to every book that was submitted to the book awards. The Twin Arrows, The Reluctant Godfather, The Sidekick's Tale, and No Dragons, Please! all do not apply for the review giveaway. Their authors did not contribute to the event. (Though I miiiight make an exception for No Dragons, Please! as the author was going to be in Indie e-Con, and only bailed at the last moment.) (And I'm not discouraging you from reviewing them, just clarifying that they are not part of the giveaway.) (That said, any anthology that contains a book by an Indie e-Con author DOES apply.) Thank you.

Happy writing, one and all! Can't wait to announce the winners (and next year's theme!) on Monday!


  1. This was super fun, Kendra! Even better than last year's! Thanks for running it, and thanks to all the authors who participated and helped make it awesome!

    1. Also, my final wordcount for the week is 5585 words.

  2. It's been ah-may-ziiing! Thanks so much for running it, Kendra, and also Savannah and the other authors who contributed! So much awesome! ^_^

    I got 4032 today. So a total of 10,174 for this week's writing. (I never write that much outside of NaNo, and it's all the E-Con's wordwars' fault, so thanks for the awesome incentive to actually write!)

    Ooh, next year's theme? I'm intrigued! :D

  3. 934 words! The story is inching along, but hey - words are words! ;D Which brings my total WW count to 7,155 ;)

  4. Thanks for a fun week, Kendra! I am in awe of how smoothly you and Savannah kept everything running. It was fun and helpful running the word wars. I was curious about how much I'd written this week and totaled it up: 9,456 words, which is a LOT for me in a single week, so Many Thanks to you for hosting this awesome event and getting me out of my slump!

  5. 10,174 words total for the wordwar. :)


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