Indie e-Con 2018 - Day 5 Wrap-Up

And we have somehow come to the end of day five. Come back in the morning and we'll venture from tomorrow into a realm of pure imagination. Fantasy. Yay!

In the comments, let me know today's wordcount towards the word war!


Game: Tales of Tomorrow
Author Panel
Sci-Fi Show-and-Tell

Dystopias with Morgan Elizabeth Huneke
Utopias with Emily Mundell
Steampunk with H.L. Burke 
Sci-Fi Retellings with Savannah Jezowski
Superheroes with C.B. Cook
The Science with Julie C. Gilbert
Worldbuilding with Rachel Rossano
Aliens with Kimia Wood

Marketing Steampunk with H.L. Burke
Sci-Fi Subgenres with Emily Mundell
Brainwashing with Morgan Elizabeth Huneke
Telepathy and Telekinesis with Rachel Rossano
The Apocolypse with Kimia Wood

Don't forget, the person who leaves the most comments across ALL of the Indie e-Con posts will win a special prize package.
If you leave a review on the book of any Indie e-Con author THIS WEEK on your blog or on Goodreads, you can enter it towards another giveaway. (I only have four entries over there!)
Sharing the posts via social media (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, ect.) gives you a chance to enter for MORE prizes! (Let me spell it out. I have one person with 75 entries. The most anyone else has is 5.)
Don't forget to vote in the Book Awards!

For the record, giveaways will be open until about 6PM CST on Sunday, at which time I will sit down to calculate all winners.

See you all tomorrow! Happy Writing!


  1. 0_o
    75 entries? Wow. I knew it was a lot, but I didn't know it was THAT many.
    Wordcount will follow once I actually write it, haha.

    1. Update: wordcount for the day is 640, which brings my count for the word war to 4252 words.

  2. 345 for May 25 - I'm working on it! xD

    ~ Savannah


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