Indie e-Con Day 2 - Mystery Wrap-up

And thusly we conclude today's events. The mystery of where all the mystery authors are still remains, but at least we've learned more about the elusive skill of actually becoming one.

In the comments below, let me know how you're doing on the word war!

Today's posts, if you missed them:

Game - The Pinterest Quest
Mystery Show and Tell

Foreshadowing with Savannah Jezowski
Red Herrings with E. Kaiser Writes
Your Detective with Victoria Lynn
The Profesional Detective with Faith Blum

Christian Themes in Mystery with Julie C. Gilbert
Five Tips for Building Your Mystery with Victoria Lynn
Writing Mystery Without an Outline with Faith Blum
Keeping Your Mystery in its Place with J.J. Francesco

Don't forget, the person who leaves the most comments across ALL of the Indie e-Con posts will win a special prize package.
If you leave a review on the book of any Indie e-Con author THIS WEEK on your blog or on Goodreads, you can enter it towards another giveaway.
Sharing the posts via social media (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, ect.) gives you a chance to enter for MORE prizes!
Don't forget to vote in the Book Awards!

See you all tomorrow! Happy Writing!


  1. I am probably going to lose the word war, since my current scene is giving me trouble and I keep writing and scrapping and writing and scrapping. We'll see what happens in the end.

  2. 3349 words on day 2! All that wordwarring with Jenelle was very helpful. XD


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