Indie e-Con Day 1 Wrap Up!

Well, this post is going up a wee bit later than I'd planned, but it's going up nonetheless. I still don't have the forms for you to do the share links. BUT THE VOTING FORM FOR THE BOOK AWARDS IS OPEN. Go forth and vote, then share it with everyone and get THEM to vote, too.

In the comments below, let me know how many words you've written today for the word war.

Recap of posts for those who missed them:

The Shipping Game
Romance Author Panel
Romance Book Pile Show-and-Tell

Arranged Marriage with Rachel Rossano
Forbidden Romance with Sarah Addison-Fox
Sweet Romance with Ivy Rose
Friends to Lovers with Laurie Lucking
Enemies to Lovers with E. Kaiser Writes
Romance as a Subplot with Kendra E. Ardnek
Handling the Physical with Tammy Lash

5 Love Languages for Writing with Kendra E. Ardnek
Handling the Physical with Sarah Addison-Fox
Forbidden Romance with Laurie Lucking
Writing Romance with Jesseca Wheaton
Love Triangles with Savannah Jezowski
Making Women Swoon with Rachel Rossano
Writing Realistic Men with Rachel Rossano

Happy writing, all! Here's to tomorrow!


  1. *double checks every link* Huh. I actually found all the day's posts before the roundup. That's impressive.

  2. I wrote 2k words for yesterday! Not one of my best wordcounts, but hey - its still words ;)

    ~ Savannah
    Inspiring Writes

  3. I got 768 words--only made it for half an hour of wordwarring but at least it's something! :)


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