Indie e-Con Game - The Shipping Game!

So, here's the deal, I'm going to be posting a game each morning. You guys are going to email me with your guesses each day, and when we get done, the person who has the most right answers will win three random ebooks, a random bookmark, and a mini dragon donated by H.L. Burke.

Today? Well, in honor of us talking about romance, I've gone through and found ten couples from our line-up of books, and gave each couple a shipping name ... which basically means I crushed their names together and awesomeness insued.

Some are harder than others.

Now edited with answers. How many did you get correct?

1. Kyannie
Kyle+Vannie of Morgan Elizabeth Huneke's Espionage
2. Izzython
Izzy+Jonathon of Tammy Lash's White Wolf and the Ash Princess
3. Merian
Valarian+Mercy of Katy Huth Jones' Mercy's Prince
4. Elivett 
Ellen+Everett of Kelsey Bryant's Suit and Suitability
(Sorry about being confusing on this one. It was late and I got mixed around on names)
5. ScholarXDragon
Shannon+Ewan of H.L.Burke's Dragon and the Scholar
6. Rafeah
Leah+Raphael of Laurie Lucking's Common
7. Reutra
Reuben+Petra of Kendra E. Ardnek's Lady Dragon, Tela Du
8. Kamaeyn
Kamarie+Oraeyn of Jenelle Leanne Schmidt's King's Warrior
9. Corbet
Corwin+Lilybet of Savannah Jezowski's Wither (Five Enchanted Roses)
10. Jalella
Jalen+Estrella of Emily Mundell's Sorceress and the Squid

So, there we go, ten points up for grab (and half-points if anyone finds a substitute couple that works just as well ;)

Make sure you EMAIL ME your guesses, though, at Kendraeardnek(at)gmail(dot)com. In the comments below, tell me YOUR favorite couple in indie fiction. 


  1. Oooh. I know two of these already. The rest . . . I shall have to sort through the books. *nods* Sounds like fun!

    Also, Reutra and Amberite. But you knew that already. :D

  2. Fun game! I'd have to say my favorite indie couple is Nyssa and Ellis from H. L. Burke's Nyssa Glass series (Nyssell??)

    1. Ooh, I'm glad I've been hearing so many good things about H.L. Burke's books! I've been meaning to read those for quite some time...

      ~ Savannah
      Inspiring Writes

  3. YAY! I've been waiting for nearly a year for the next Indie E-con. So excited for this! <3

    ~ Savannah
    Inspiring Writes

  4. Oh, also - will you be doing a post each day for us to report our word counts like you did last year? Or should we just keep count and then tell you our weekly score instead of day-by-day?

    ~ Savannah
    Inspiring Writes


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