Sales, Free Books, and Contest Extension!

Okay, first of all - the contest extension! Due last month being Camp NaNo, it seems that not many writers were able to finish their stories for the writing contest, so I'm extending the deadline another week. Midnight on the seventh. I have closed sign-up judges. I have twelve of them, and a representative for every genre.

Those of you who signed up for judging, I will be contacting you shortly.

Now, the books nominated for the Book Awards. The books below are all free/99 cents for the next five days (but do check before you purchase and make sure that it is so, because some authors may have forgotten.) Do try to read as many as you can before Indie e-Con, as there will be voting!

And, I will say, I've read a lot of these already - there are some awesome books here. I'm not sure how you guys are going to be able to pick winners!

 Disowned: Allegiance series #1 by [Addison-Fox, Sarah] Deliver (The Blades of Acktar Book 4) by [Mingerink, Tricia] Promise's Prayer (Truth from Taerna Book 1) by [Mathews, Erika]Twisted Dreams by [Huneke, Morgan Elizabeth] The Sorceress and the Squid by [Mundell, Emily] Suit and Suitability (Vintage Jane Austen) by [Bryant, Kelsey] Soldier (White Mesa Chronicles Book 1) by [Wood, Kimia] Zombie (White Mesa Chronicles Book 2) by [Wood, Kimia] Bound: Two Broken Souls. One Journey by [Lynn, Victoria] London In The Dark: Christian Mystery, Thriller, Suspense (Light of London Series Book 1) by [Lynn, Victoria] Poison Kiss (A Twist of Adventure  Book 2) by [Ardnek, Kendra E. ] Bridgers: A Parable by [Thompson, Angie] No Dragons, Please! by [Twitchell, Annie Louise] The Reluctant Godfather: A retelling of Cinderella by [Tebo, Allison] A Sidekick's Tale by [Foley, Elisabeth Grace] To Save a Race by [Wyatt, Kandi J] Dragon's Heritage (Dragon Courage Book 6) by [Wyatt, Kandi J] Journey from Skioria by [Wyatt, Kandi J] Ace Carroway and the Great War (The Adventures of Ace Carroway Book 1) by [Worthey, Guy] A Question of Honor (Questions of War Book 1) by [Wheaton, Jesseca] A Question of Courage  (Questions of War  Book 2) by [Wheaton, Jesseca ]


  1. I need to go through all the free/cheap books that are on offer right now and figure out which ones I'm getting and which I already have. (I storming love having Amazon gift cards, BTW; it makes me feel so much better about buying eBooks.)

    Also, thanks for extending the deadline. I submitted one story last night, as you know, but I'm glad to know that I have slightly less of a rush to finish the others I'm considering.

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  3. Hey! I found out about your blog here and this contest from a friend a little bit ago, and started working on a story for it. I was a little disappointed when I had missed the deadline, but I'm excited about this extension! I'll do my best to try and finish it. :)

    I wanted to ask though about where the winners' stories might be published at and if all the authors still retain the right to their work after submitting their story?


    1. The winner and runners-up will be posted to this blog over the next week after Indie e-Con, but all right otherwise belong to the author.


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