Welcome to the Mystery!

Greetings one and all!

First of all, we have a word war going down, so be writing and keep track of your words!
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Unfortunately, we don't have a lot going down today, but I'm going to use that to my advantage to catch up with all the behindness that I've created for myself.

Which is a crying shame given that mystery is an awesome genre - and one of my favorites as a kid. Especially the Boxcar children. Unfortunately, there are some cliches in mystery that I find annoying, so I've kinda fallen out of love with.

Even so, I don't like a book if there isn't a strong element of mystery as a subplot.

THAT SAID, we do have some awesome mystery authors in our line up, and I can't wait to share their advice.

And, since I don't have a panel of authors, let me ask YOU. What is your favorite thing about the mystery genre?


  1. Quick question about the sharing giveaway: do we fill out the form for EVERY share, or do we put all the shares (or all from one day or whatever) in one form?

    I used to love the mystery genre too, but stopped reading it once I aged out of Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys. I've made a few attempts to get back into it, but a lot of the adult this-world mystery books sound . . . meh. It's mildly frustrating. But I enjoy trying to put the pieces together before the characters do and I enjoy the fact that a good mystery book has a fairly twisty plot.

    1. Um, I set it up for every share, but ... a daily dump maaaaay be more practical. However you do.

    2. Cool beans. I'll probably try to do every share, since that's what you intended. We'll see.

  2. I love trying to guess whodunit! xD It's especially epic when I'm actually RIGHT - so much fun!

    ~ Savannah
    Inspiring Writes

  3. Also, the title of this post? Stellar ;D

    ~ Savannah
    Inspiring Writes


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